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PC's & Laptops

New Computer Purchases & Setups

New Computer Setup

New Computer setups aren’t always straightforward, and it’s essential to set everything up properly in the first instance.  We can backup & transfer all of your data from your old device, install new software and teach you how to use your new computer.

We can provide advice & help you decide which new computers to buy for your purposes.

Computer Upgrades

Computer & Software Upgrades

We will discuss the in’s and out’s of your computer & operating system, the benefits, capabilities, and new features available to you.

We make the process as simple and hassle free as possible.

Repairs, Maintenance & Performance Optimisation

Computer Repairs,  Maintenance & Performance Optimisation

If you find that your computer is slow or unresponsive, we provide an efficient clean up service. Removing temporary & junk files from your computer can improve performance.

We can also upgrade your computer’s hardware to give it that extra boost it may need to speed it up.

Remote Support

Remote Support

We also offer remote support – where we log on to your computer remotely and perform maintenance, repairs, and address any issues.

This is ideal if you’re busy or if you have an urgent problem.

PC's & Laptops

Computer repair, maintenance, upgrades, performance optimisation for for Mac and Windows laptops & desktops.